Warm Mix

Asphalt System

Patented and field-proven, CMI's Warm Mix Asphalt technology lowers mix temperatures, reduces emissions, improves mix flexibility and saves you money.

The system more thoroughly coats aggregate, even when working with high RAP percentages, producing a mix that is workable for a longer period of time and can be hauled longer distances.


Along with significant fuel savings, a CMI WMA system offers distinct advantages over chemical systems including no incremental cost per ton aside from water, widely available foaming agent (water), fewer moving parts, decreased plant wear and evenly coated aggregates due to foaming action occurring just outside of the drum and injected into the drum mixing chamber.

  • Single point injection system
  • High accuracy PLC control system
  • No costly additives
  • Lowers mix temperatures by up to 90° F
  • Simple, quick installation into any unitized drum mixer
  • Significantly reduces fuel consumption

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