Cold Planers

Roto-Mill™ Series

CMI has been a leader in cold planing since 1975.

Today’s Roto-Mill™ series is capable of completing a wide range of projects from man hole trimming to full depth, dual lane recycling.

The combination of Autograde three track trimmer technology and Hydra-mation hydraulic grade control through to the latest GPS systems, have resulted in high accuracy asphalt recycling, leaving highways immediately open to traffic.

Wheeled Cold Planers

RM-2 & RM-3

CMI RM-2 and RM-3 Cold Planers

The CMI RM-2 and RM-3 Roto-Mills perform a wide range of pavement cutting, recycling and removal operations of asphaltic and Portland cement concrete pavements. Their size and manoeuvrability make them ideal for smaller jobs, such as intersections, cul-de-sacs, shoulder recycling and pavement removal for trenching work.


24in cutting width / up to 12in depth


36in cutting width / up to 12in depth


CMI RM-4 Wheeled Cold Planers

CMI’s Roto-Mill RM-4 series is designed to perform a wide variety of pavement removal jobs. The cutter support structure can accommodate many different types of working attachments.

48in cutting width / up to 12in depth

Tracked Cold Planers


CMI RM-4 Tracked Cold Planers

The RM-4's short track base and front and rear steering with state-of-the-art cutter control system make it fast and agile.

48in cutting width / up to 12in depth


CMI RM-6 Tracked Cold Planers

CMI’s newest generation of modular design Roto-Mills feature large access doors for inspection, adjustment and repairs. The design philosophy of the RM-6 allows the operator to choose a preferred track configuration of three or four track designs depending upon operational circumstances.

75in cutting width / up to 13in depth


CMI RM-7 Tracked Cold Planers

CMI is proud to announce its newest milling machine, the Roto‑Mill™ RM-7. Designed with input from operators and industry leaders, the RM-7 delivers the most complete set of standard and optional high performance features in the industry.

86in cutting width / up to 14in depth


CMI RM-9 Tracked Cold Planers

Utilizing similar cutter housing design philosophy as its stablemate RM-6, the RM-9 is also available in either three track or four track configuration. Available with a standard 86in (2,184mm) and optional 103in (2,616mm), 135in (3,429mm) and 150in (3,810mm) cutters, the CMI Roto-Mill RM-9 offers world-class pavement profiling and removal performance.

86in cutting width / up to 15in depth


CMI RM-12 Tracked Cold Planers

The CMI RM-12 is a versatile, high production, full lane cold planer for heavy highway, airport and urban removal of asphalt and concrete. Twin engines provide independent power to the cutter and track drives, optimising performance.

150in cutting width / up to 12in depth

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