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CMI is proud to announce its newest milling machine, the Roto‑Mill™ RM-7. Designed with input from operators and industry leaders, the RM-7 delivers the most complete set of standard and optional high performance features in the industry.

CMI has the most experience in the industry in providing and supporting roadbuilding equipment worldwide. All CMI equipment is designed for the lowest cost of operation and ownership and highest throughput in a variety of conditions and missions.

  • Incorporates CMI’s extensive experience in milling to provide an efficient, high performance mill
  • Attention to detail results in improved maintenance access and reduced service time
  • Best in class conveyor capacity means less tooth wear and better productivit
  • On-board diagnostics and manuals provide ease of maintenance and reduced downtime


  1. Folding Secondary Conveyor

    Allows reduced shipping length for easier transportation and can be equipped with optional scale and camera so the operator can monitor truck fill.

  2. CAN-Bus System Architecture

    Industry standard components reduce wiring and interconnections providing greater reliability and ease of troubleshooting.

  3. Engine

    Mounted behind the fuel tanks at the optimum center of gravity location - putting the weight closer to the cutter for more stability & less vibration during milling. Moving the engine away from the operator platform reduces noise and heat, increasing operator comfort & safety.

  4. Engine Mounted Pumps

    Our industry exclusive front engine mount pump drive is a highly reliable, proven design that allows belts and pumps to be changed easily from the front of the engine.

  5. Easy Access

    Fully opening gull wing engine cover doors lift up to reveal all service items such as air cleaners, batteries, belts and filters.

  6. Primary & Secondary Conveyors

    CMI’s industry leading 42” wide primary & secondary discharge belts provide greater material evacuation from the housing allowing the machine to operate at a faster, more efficient cut rate with far less cutting tooth and holder wear.

  7. Fuel and Water Storage

    Largest storage capacity in its class results in longer running time and less downtime.

  8. Skid Mounted Powerpack

    Side platforms allow walk-in access to the engine compartment. The skid mounted engine has clearance from below for easy access for maintenance and repair.

  9. Slim Profile

    A slimmer, streamlined profile provides greater visibility and a better sight line for the operator to the ground.

  10. Power Lift Rear Door

    Fan assembly is lifted with hydraulically actuated rear door allowing ground level access to maintain cooling system.

  • CMI RM-7 Touch Screen Control System

    Touch Screen Control System

    Standard control package features the largest (12”) high resolution, high contrast graphic control screen in the industry providing excellent visibility during day and night operation.

  • CMI RM-7 Cutter Drum

    Cutter Drum

    Full range movement lift and hinge cutter door provides efficient and easy access for tooth change out and replacement.

  • CMI RM-7 Conveyor Components

    Conveyor Components

    Catenary style suspended idlers with rubber impact rings provide for easy maintenance over fixed idler designs.

  • CMI RM-7 Modular System Design

    Modular System Design

    Our modular control system design approach using common parts provides redundancy, reduces spares requirements and allows us to easily add additional functions and control options.

  • CMI RM-7 Easy Maintenance

    Easy Maintenance

    Centralised lubrication points make regular maintainence simple while all engine fluids fill/check locations are easily reached via walkways and oil filters are easily accessible from the ground.

  • CMI RM-7 Easy Troubleshooting

    Easy Troubleshooting

    Multiple lower level screens identify the location of problems and provide simple “smart” status codes to allow for easy maintenance and troubleshooting.



Cummins Tier 2 QSK 19 755 hp (563 kw) @ 1800 rpm


Belt driven hydrostatic pumps

Variable speed ground drive motors with anti-spin


Wide tracks with replaceable polyurethane pads, driven via planetary gearboxes

3 Track: 14” (356 mm) wide front and 16” (406 mm) rear

4 Track: 14” (356 mm) wide front and rear


3 & 4 Track: 96” (2438 mm)


0-3.2 mph (0-5 kph)


42” (1066 mm) wide primary and secondary conveyors

120º swing secondary conveyor (folding option available)

Full length dust covers and easy maintenance idlers


Right and left operators panels with dual joysticks

Shock absorber mounted on platform


24v system with interchangeable switch modules

24v lights and 24v accessory outlet at operators panel


Centre mounted pivoting 12” full colour LCD display

Backlit control boxes and operator panel

Control system displays faults in plain text

Operators manuals retrievable on screen


Belt drive from engine mounted clutch

Housing mounted planetary reducer

Rear door lifts and pivots for increasing access


86” (2184 mm) wide standard cutter

48” (1219 mm) tooth tip diameter

14” (356 mm) maximum cut depth



360 gal (1363 l)

Hydraulic fluid:

65 gal (246 l)


1185 gal (4486 l)


Shipping height:

9’ 10” (2977 mm)

Shipping Length:

46’ 1” (14046 mm)

Overall length:

55’ 4” (16866 mm)

Overall width:

8’ 6” (2595 mm)

Overall height:

18’ 7” (5664 mm)

3 Track:

80,000 lbs (36300 kg)

4 Track:

85,000 lbs (38560 kg)

CMI RM-7 transport configuarations

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