CMI Roadbuilding has a complete range of portable, relocatable and stationary aggregate feed bins, all designed for the accurate and free flowing delivery of a variety of materials.

Modular design for both portable and relocatable installations and available in portable 20 ton (18.14 tonne) or 32 ton (29 tonne) and relocatable 32 ton (29 tonne).



Bins featuring steep sidewalls with tapered feed openings providing free materials flow to the belt feeders. Each belt feeder is equipped with ACCU-DRIVE, an AC variable frequency drive system, multi-ply belting and lagged head pulley with ample capacity.

Manual gate settings via rack-and pinion shear gate and electrical no-flow switch signals with a light indicator if a feeder is not providing material flow.

Portable packages include dual or triple-axles with dual tires, landing jacks and kingpin.


  • Grizzly bars
  • Bin extensions
  • Bin dividers
  • Air cannons
  • Electric vibrator
  • Moisture ammeter probes

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