CMI compaction equipment are purpose built machines designed to maximize landfill lifespan and roadway durability by maximizing material density in the most effective and efficient manner.

Unique wheels and geometric configuration enables CMI compaction equipment to deliver unmatched final densities faster than any other method used today.

  • Full-width, four-wheel compaction swathe with the highest compaction forces in the industry.
  • Powerful drives for ALL wheels.
  • Advanced anti-wrap technology to greatly reduce debris axle entanglement.
  • Four full fenders to reduce debris flinging.
  • Steel, forged alloy wheel cleats.


REXPACTOR™ SP-3 / SP-5 / SP-8463-570 lbs/inch

SP-3 / SP-5 / SP-8463-570 lbs/inch

Available in three sizes, the RexPactor™ is a high speed soil and embankment compactor with features that can deliver the high quality soil substructure qualities necessary for long lasting structures sought after by todays infrastructure designers.


TRASHMASTER® TM-5 / TM-8 / TM-11417-733 lbs/inch

TM-5 / TM-8 / TM-11417-733 lbs/inch

To achieve maximum material density, the CMI Trashmaster® features a unique four-wheel, full-width configuration. Wheels with a diameter-to-width ratio, scientifically developed for MSW and C&D materials in order to maximize the PLI (Pounds per Linear Inch) by exerting tremendous crushing forces onto the diverse mixture of landfill materials.

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