Dual-lane or single-lane concrete placer/spreader featuring a 10ft 6in wide receiving hopper and 60in (1520mm) wide folding feed conveyor capable of transfer material at up to 450fpm (13.7mpm) from either the left or right side of the placer.

Material is then spread by right and left mounted, hydraulically driven 24in (610mm) diameter augers and struck off by a sectional moldboard with powered crown capability to a standard widths of 12 to 20ft (3660 to 6100mm).

An optional extension allows spreading to 32ft (9754mm).

The tractor unit uses two 12ft (3660mm) long tracks that are driven from the centrally mounted power pack.

The four legs have a maximum elevation of 30in (762mm).

  • Dual-lane or single-lane concrete placing and spreading.
  • Right- or left-hand side delivery capability.
  • Hydrostatically driven, high- capacity rotary spreader auger.


Hydraulic Power Supply

Pump-drive gearbox is engine-flywheel-mounted, with pumps flange-mounted and spline-shaft-engaged. Three each, tandem-stacked pump arrangements. One open-loop, pressure-compensated L-38 dedicated control-circuit pump.

Hydraulic Drive System

Dual-range propelling system with variable hydrostatic drives for both forward and reverse. Deep-reduction planetaries provide smooth, constant travel at low speeds. Spreading speed range variable to 50 fpm (15.23 mpm); travel speed range variable to 95 fpm (28.96 mpm).


Two-track system: each track is 12 ft (3.66 m)-long with 14 in (356 mm)-wide triple-grouser street shoes, D4-sized track components. Leg elevation maximum 30 in (76.2 cm).


Operator selection for automatic or manual mode. Right-hand or left-hand stringline steering control mountings. Calibrated- scale screw-type hardware for adjusting sensor position and fine-tuning alignment. Counter-rotation of tractor possible in manual mode. One steering control sensor.


Operator selection for automatic or manual mode. Four elevation control sensors with extendible mounting arms. Calibrated-scale screw-type adjusting hardware for sensors. Standard control-system arrangement includes equipment for four-point control (dual stringline) or lock-to-grade for automatic reference control of elevation.


Tubular-beam telescoping mainframe is hydraulically adjustable up to 8 ft (2.44 m), providing spreading widths from 12 ft to 20 ft (3.66 m to 6.1 m). A 6-ft (1.83-m) bolt-in section provided as standard equipment allows a tractor spreading width of up to 26 ft (7.32 m). Optional extensions may be installed to increase spreading widths to 36 ft (10.97 m).

Water System

High-pressure system for machine washdown. Hydraulically driven pump delivers 800-psi (5,512-kPa) water for cleanup and utility use. Onboard water storage capacity is 125 gal (473 L). Includes high-pressure hose and spray nozzle.


Independent heavy-duty subframe supports spreading components and provides alternate positioning under tractor mainframe. Hydraulic system includes quick-disconnect couplers and electrical cables equipped with cannon-type plug connectors for fast disassembly/reassembly.


  • Extensions for spreading up to 36 ft (11 m)
  • Delivery conveyor extension group
  • Telescoping rear workbridge
  • Special application vibrator system


operating DIMENSIONS
WIDTH ft / ins 44’ 5”
mm 13540
HEIGHT MIN/Max ft / ins 9’ 10” - 11’ 11”
mm 3000 - 3630
transport DIMENSIONS
length ft / ins 30’
mm 9140
WIDTH ft / ins 12’
mm 3660
with conveyor lbs 71,500
kgs 32,431.25
without conveyor lbs 56,600
kgs 25,673
MODEL   Caterpillar Diesel
POWER @ 2,200 rpm hp 250
kW 187.5
capacity in³ 441.78
L 17.24
spreading width ft / ins 12’ to 20’
mm 3660 to 6100
spreading width w/standard 6’ (1.83m) bolt-on section ft / ins up to 26’
mm up to 7320
spreading width w/optional extension ft / ins up to 36’
mm up to 10970
spreader auger
diameter ft / ins 24’
mm 609.6
thickness ft / ins 1”
mm 35.4
pitch ft / ins 18”
mm 457.2
hopper / conveyor
hopper width ft / ins 10’ 6”
mm 3200
folding conveyor width ft / ins 60”
mm 1520
conveyor transport speed fpm 0 - 450
mpm 0 - 13.72
operating SPEED RANGE ft/min 0 - 50
m/min 0 - 15.23
m/min 0 - 28.96
fuel tank gal 80
L 302.83
HYDRAULIC oil tank gal 75
L 283.9
replenishing pre-filter reservoir gal 10
L 37.85
engine oil gal 8
L 30.2
cooling system gal 3.5
L 13.2
water spray system gal 125
L 473.17



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