A four track 'mid-range' highway class paver that is designed for high production, multi-lane main highway projects.

Unmatched in paving performance in it's size and class, the SF-4 sets the industry standard for ride smoothness.


Power Distribution System

Standard machine configuration includes six (6) axial piston-type hydrostatic pumps driven by engine-mounted (flex plate coupling) 4-place pump drive gearbox.

Pumps included: two (2) 100 cc, pressure-compensated, closed loop vibrator pumps; two (2) 100 cc, EDC-controlled plow/auger drive pumps; one (1) 100 cc, EDC-controlled track drive pump, operating through 4-way Posi-Trac® flow control valve; and one (1) open-loop pressure compensated L38 dedicated control circuit pump. Optional pumps are available for additional vibrators and added attachments.

Grade Control

A fully proportional electronic digital control system controls the grade / level operation of the paver. Operator selection for automatic or manual mode. Four (4) grade control sensors with extendible mounting arms. Standard control system arrangement includes equipment for four-point control (dual stringline), lock-to-grade for automatic reference control of elevation, or single stringline operation with two (2) sensor operation on left or right side with a slope control sensor controlling the opposite side.

Drive System

Dual-range propelling system with variable hydrostatic drives for both forward and reverse. Paving range variable up to 30 ft/min (9 m/min). Travel range variable up to 60 ft/min (18 m/min).

EDC-controlled track drive and auger drive for accurate control of hydrostatic functions.

Tracks are driven hydrostatically through deep-reduction planetary gear reducers at a 257:1 ratio. Posi-Trac® flow divider control limits track slippage. Track length 8.33 ft (2,540 mm). D-4 undercarriage components with 18 in (457.2 mm) triple-grouser street shoes. 10 in (254 mm) leg barrels with 42 in (1,088.8 mm) vertical stroke.

Water System

Hydraulically-driven pump delivers 2,500 psi high-pressure water to hose and high-powered nozzle for clean-up and utility use. Onboard water storage capacity is 200 gal (758 L).

Grade Control

Hydra-mation® all-hydraulic control system is fully proportional. Pressure compensated, variable displacement pump provides hydraulic oil to the direct-acting servo-valve proportional sensors. Individual flow control at sensors for fine-tuning.

Elevation Control

Operator selection for automatic or manual mode. Four location control sensors with extendible mounting arms. Calibrated scale-adjusting hardware for each sensor. Standard control system arrangement includes equipment for four-point control (dual stringline), lock-to-grade for automatic reference control of elevation.


Operator selection for automatic or manual mode, forward or reverse. Right-hand or left-hand stringline steering control mounting. Separate operator selection for manual steering in transport mode. Calibrated scale hardware for adjusting sensor position and fine-tuning alignment. Two steering sensors standard. Remote manual steering switch located conveniently at each leg for set-up and transport loading

Operator’s Console

  • Rubber-booted all-weather switches.
  • Joystick controls for plow/auger and travel/paving.
  • Synchronized sequential master pave and stop control.
  • Central keyed lock-out for electrical system.
  • Four operational stops at ground-level locations.
  • Selector switches for manual or automatic control of elevation or steering.
  • Roll-top lockable anti-vandalism console cover.
  • Entire console repositions for operation mode or recesses for transport.

Profile Pan

Profile pan end sections are equipped with hydraulic-powered overbuild adjustments to compensate for the various concrete mix designs and slumps.


Standard sideform group: hydraulic-powered vertical operating guillotine split sideform system. Allows independent control of front and rear side panel for “day joint,” 0-18 in (457 mm) vertical raise operating range with ground-level remote operating stations. Paving Dimensions

Hydraulic Vibrators & Manual Controls

Lo-density® hydraulic plumbing for reduced lines per circuit; single return circuit used for vibrator manifold reducing number of hydraulic lines. Twenty-four (24) vibrator circuits, vibrator manifold mounted to kit frame; vibrator circuits individually controlled electronically through potentiometers mounted on operator center console. Twenty (20) hydraulic internal paving vibrators suspended on parallelogram linkage, hydraulically adjustable from operator’s console.


Concrete distribution is provided by hydraulic-powered spreader plow which is adjustable in height and travel speed. Spreader plow mounting and drive frame telescopes hydraulically with paver frame providing width adjustments to meet profile requirements without additional bolt-in sections. Speed/directional controls operated at console by use of a single joystick.


  • Polyurethane track pads
  • Hydraulically powered guillotine track guards
  • Metric dimension paving kit — 3.5 to 7.5 m (standard) 1 m (optional)
  • Integral right- and left-hand curbforms
  • Hydraulic curbform block-off
  • Center-line tie-bar inserter
  • Side tie-bar inserter for various style tie bars
  • Paving unit extensions in U.S. or metric dimensions
  • Propelling unit extensions: 6 ft (1829 mm) and 7 ft (2134 mm). Special extension available
  • Additional vibrators and controls: long eccentric, high-energy vibrators
  • Oscillating float finisher with automatic microprocessor controls
  • Tamper bar
  • Auger system in lieu of plow
  • Strike-off
  • Auxiliary hydraulic supply pump (for rear-mounted attachments)
  • Auxiliary water system (for use with burlap drag)
  • Metal keyway former, right- and left-hand side
  • Adjacent-slab paving attachment
  • Adjacent-slab steering attachment


paving dimensions
paving width ft / ins 12’ to 24’
mm 3658 to 7320
paving width with optional extensions ft / ins up to 34’
mm up to 10363
overall paving length ft / ins 31’ 11”
mm 9730
paving depth ft / ins up to 18”
mm up to 457
height ft / ins 12’ 11”
mm 3900
height + paving depth ft / ins 13’ 8”
mm 4170
transport dimensions
shipping WIDTH (24’ paving) ft / ins 12’ less paving assembly
mm 3660
track footprint loading width ft / ins 8’
mm 2440
shipping Height ft / ins 10’ 9”
mm 3280
basic tractor lbs 69,000
kgs 31,298
paver lbs 99,000
kgs 44,906
MODEL   CAT Diesel
POWER @ 2,200rpm hp 350
kW 260
capacity in³ 537
L 8.8
hydraulic power
Pump drive 4-port
No. of pumps 6
tracks & Legs
track width ft / ins 18”
mm 4572
track length ft / ins 8’ 4”
mm 2540
operating SPEED RANGE ft/min 0 - 30
m/min 0 - 9
m/min 0 - 18
fluid capacity
fuel tank gal 180
L 681
HYDRAULIC oil tank gal 63
L 238
HYDRAULIC replenishing gal 10
L 39
engine oil gal 6.5
L 34
engine coolant gal 10.5
L 40
aux water supply gal 200
L 757



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